Louisville Ky basketball fans dealt harsh blow today by U of L


Louisville, Ky., – The University of Louisville Men’s basketball team will not play in the post-season, announced today by university president Dr. James Ramsey.

The university has been conducting an investigation into alleged NCAA violations by members of the team amid an alleged sex scandal brought to light by Katina Powell’s book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules”.

Without naming specific details, Ramsey told a press conference this afternoon “based upon the information gathered….I have determined that it was reasonable to conclude violations have occurred in the mens basketball program in the past.”

With that, the university has self-imposed a post-season ban for the team.


Photo by Bill Brymer

“I recognize this is a significant penalty for our program and disappointment for our student athletes and many in our University of Louisville family,” Ramsey said.

Athletic director Tom Jurich said they found out yesterday of the violations.

“We will own our problems … All of this is very disappointing,” Jurich said. “It’s a sad day for all of us.  We want to do what’s right by the university and by the NCAA. [It’s] going to be very painful but we will move forward, too.”

Pitino told the press conference that “painful” is one of the “best understatements I could make.”

He said the team was favored to go far in the tournament. He called on the fans to lift up the team and continue to support the cards.

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  1. STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT! Ramsey, Jurich and Pitino should hold themselves accountable, not the team. Be men of integrity, the honest and forthright leaders and role models they claim to be. Let that self-imposed penalty be just that… Self imposed on themselves. Was it not Ramsey, Jurich, and Pitino’s job to be ever watchful of what is going on at the university and in their programs? Do not rape these young athletes of the opportunitiy they have worked so very hard for and have rightfully earned. Ramsey has no right to strip away their integrity, their hard earned opportunity, for his own self-serving way of cover his own ass. Ramsey take responsibility for failure to inevitably do his job. This team is totally and obviously innocent of being remotely involved in this scandal. Let those in charge when scandal took place pay the price. Ramsey, Jurich and Patino need to earn the respect they claim as leaders & role models for the university & community. They should rethink this decision and truly self impose the penalty upon themselves, where it belongs.

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