TGIF Local Lunch Post – Potatoes!

Contains one shepherd..right? An Irish tradition!

The lovely, diverse tuber. If I think about the glory and endless recipes for the potato, I might launch into an operatic chorus of  “Starch Gets in Your Eyes.”  Now, that’s a stretch. We all know it goes to our hips. With apologies going to The Platters, check out the actual tune here.

Today’s launch into the weekend is  brought to you by potatoes! Diverse and delicious, the vegetable that links Ireland to Idaho can go from the ground to gourmet in no time at all. The potato is blank canvas for the best of sauces, butter, cheeses, herbs, vegetables and soups. Sometimes, all you need is a fork and a salt shaker. Most of us don’t stop there.

Summon the spirit of St. Patrick as you visit your favorite stop for spuds today. I can only imagine how hungry he must have been after chasing those snakes from the country! A platter of Bangers and Mash with a Guinness would have taken the edge off, don’t you think?

Here are but a few suggestions for patronizing the potato in our many local, independent restaurants! Erin Go Braugh and pass the butter!

A little Southern grace goes a long way at Miss C.’s Kitchen & Pantry with everything Charlotte and Chris make. The cool, creamy potato salad with a hint of dill is the perfect side for a meal on the verge of Spring.

Go way down south for an exotic potato dish at the Mayan Cafe‘ – Empanadas with black beans and goat cheese/chorizo and potatoes with a roasted Poblano vinaigrette and mulatto chili sauce. Also fritters with butternut squash, goat cheese and chorizo.

The Fish House can whip up a row of  Potato Cakes with sour cream and apple sauce for either brunch or lunch.

Folks who desire a velvety Twice-Baked Potato head to Ermin’s Bakery & Cafe in old Louisville.

Hash Brown Casserole at Toast on Market is heavenly and no matter how hard  we try,  to copy their flavor at home is damn nigh impossible.

Hash Browns? 24/7 at Barbara Lee’s

To India with Aloo Palak Potato cooked with spinach and cream at Sitar

Health-minded folks can get the Potato Basket at Roots

Whether you’re after childhood nostalgia or a cult fan of Napoleon Dynamite,  there are the classic Tater Tots to be enjoyed at Twig & Leaf and in Old at Smokey’s Bean.

Shepherd’s Pie at Molly Malone’s gets all the food groups into one bowl for a traditional St. Paddy’s feast

Irish Rover has plenty of Potato Leek soup simmering on the stove for anyone who desires to be both healthy and Irish.

The whistle blows for lunch and hungry folks head to Baxter Station for authentic steam table  mashed potatoes as well as  potato puffs deep fried with green chiles and cheese for something a little fancier.

Avalon’s wildly popular  Crispy Potatoes are a mouth-watering garnish atop the  Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  You may need a nap after that one,  see you in Paradise.

This week’s special dining  guest is WFPK’s Laura Shine whose preferred potatoes are the Sweet Potato Fries at Havana Rumba.

There’s a potato for everyone out there in and surrounding communities. Share your favorite dishes and establishments with us!












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