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WAVE Taking News to 11 (a.m.), Changing Hosts on Local Show

December 27, 2011

WAVE-TV is making more changes to its daytime schedule in January.

Having suffered through a November sweeps in which its Noon newscast was attracting less audience than WLKY, WHAS, Family Feud and the Jerry Springer Show, WAVE GM Ken Selvaggi is making a big change next month. Starting January 9, WAVE’s Noon newscast will air at 11 a.m., followed by Extra at 11:30.

At Noon, WAVE will air its locally-produced WAVE 3 Listens, but with a new host. Gone is Cindi Sullivan as host, and John Ramsey will take over.  In a staff email, Selvaggi thanked Sullivan for “several years” hosting the program, which bottomed out with ratings at 11 a.m. in November at just over 1.  Ramsey hosts the weekly 725 Live show, and has filled in frequently for Sullivan.Selvaggi called it a promotion from within.

According to her station bio, Sullivan has been with WAVE-TV for 12 years in various capacities.

The changes can’t hurt WAVE’s ratings, and it will have a morning time slot at 11 in which it will be the only station airing local news.

As has been reported here, the station is also adding former WLKY anchor John Boel to its morning reporting team next week.


Rick Redding

Rick is the entrepreneur behind LouisvilleKy.com. He’s been a world-famous blogger since thinking up The ‘Ville Voice back in 2006. Before leaving that start-up in 2009, he was voted the city’s best blogger by Louisville Magazine. LEO Readers voted his site the best independent news site in the city. In 2009 he organized a news operation at LouisvilleMojo and headed up the Local Voices blog team at WLKY.com in 2010. A long time ago, he was a beat reporter at Business First, launched business news operations in the Kiosk and Pizza industries, and wrote a media column at LEO. He’s a Louisville native and a graduate of WKU.

4 Responses to WAVE Taking News to 11 (a.m.), Changing Hosts on Local Show

  1. Ed Springston on December 27, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    None of this will help WAVE with theexception of perhaps adding Boel. He does lend credibility to WAVe and that will be a huge plus. I think this market is “Ramsey’ed” out and where he goes makes no difference to ratings.

    The 11 AM slot will work early since there will be no immediate competition, however, that will change when the others move to the same slot to compete

    Finally, WAVE has a great opportunity to lead the way and perhaps delve into a local issues and political oriented show that will hep them move up. Do a Jae Norris type of thing today where yo engage the listeners in issues and politicaltalk and that would work wonders.

    It definitly works for us at MVM. Peopel are screaming for more real local and political issue discussion and not the standard fluff and flower garden programming in the AM.

    • Amy on January 1, 2012 at 6:25 pm

      That’s not the only promotion John Ramsey got. In addition to the Wave 3 Listens gig, he’s now going to be hosting the morning show on Lite 106.9 with his brother Jeff too.

      I’m about Ramsey’ed out myself. I frankly don’t like the guy – he’s annoying. I don’t think he’s going to add a thing to the Listens show. It’s also rather obvious that Lite 106.9 got rid of Kathi Lincoln so they could promote John and give him a job on there just because he’s Jeff’s brother.

      No wonder it’s so tough to find a job in Louisville especially in radio or news – if you’re not connected there’s absolutely zero future for you here.

      As for the other things WAVE is doing, I’m okay with the new 11 a.m. news and I do think adding John Boel will lend a lot of credibility to the morning newscast.

  2. Laura on December 27, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Dumb move on letting Cindi Sullivan go.
    I stopped watching Listens with regularity years ago- its nothing more than an hour long commercial- that is its problem. The rare times I did take a look was for Cindi- she is a great personality. Their loss and another nail.

  3. david on December 27, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    cindi sullivan is a good host but they were always at some spa or other medical facility

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