Rusty Satellite Features Thorntons Chief Tony Harris and Underdog Tony Vanetti



Rusty visits Two Tonys this week as the ‘Ville braces for a total work stoppage — the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Louisville is the national leader in TV ratings for the tournament, and with the Big Blue as even President Obama’s choice to win it all, you can bet this year will break some records off the court.

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Tony Harris of Thornton’s; Tony Vanetti of the Afternoon Underdogs, are on the Rusty Satellite Show

Tony Harris is the president of Thorntons Inc., one of our most generous corporate citizens. I talk with Tony about all the changes in the look and feel of Thorntons stores, the company’s contribution to a U of L academic center, and how I can get more free stuff with my Refreshing Rewards card. Plus, we both went to WKU and are big fans of the Hilltoppers.

Speaking of fans, nobody caters to the crazies like Tony Vanetti, half of the Afternoon Underdogs (with Dave Jennings) radio duo on WKRD-790. On Monday, the station was part of a radio marathon in which they discussed this one basketball  tournament for about 14 hours. Ventti tells me how he got into doing sports when it appeared the market for rock and roll disc jockeys was drying up.

In other news, there’s a Royal Visit coming to the city on Friday, a new owner for O’Malley’s Corner and if you like cool stuff, there’s an auction planned of Sam Swope’s possessions. All on the 89th Rusty Satellite Show.