New Rusty — An Eat Your Bourbon Visit; and LHOME’s Awesome Loan Program

The Rusty Satellite Show’s consecutive episodes streak, now numbering 332, is not deterred by the host’s various travels. This week, after spending five glorious days in Colorado, your intrepid interviewer returned to learn about a wonderful loan program for immigrants and West End residents, and to visit the almost-open Eat Your Bourbon Marketplace on Frankfort Avenue. Matt Jamie says he’s doing all this for the first time — developing a line of bourbon-related food products, promoting a retail store…and now opening a marketplace next door to his retail outlet on Frankfort Avenue, where you can get a drink, sample creations…

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Four reasons to have a career in criminology (and how to start)

So you want to have a career that benefits your community and work with public services. How can you do that? One of the ways you can do this is to think about having a career in criminology, where you could help people in your local area who have been victims of crime. Not only can you be an asset to those around you, but you can also get a great sense of job satisfaction by knowing you can provide safety and security to society. If this sounds like the type of responsibility you want for a career, here are…